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Loss of Facial Volume

At High Beech Beauty Clinic, we understand that the natural ageing process affects everyone, leading to a loss of facial volume in both men and women. This process is quite natural and can impact your appearance in various ways. Our skin is rich and plump in our younger years, brimming with collagen that bestows a vibrant, youthful look. However, our skin's ability to regenerate collagen diminishes as time progresses.


​This reduction in collagen, combined with the gradual shrinking and descending of facial fat pockets, can lead to noticeable changes. You might observe indentations forming around the temples and, more prominently, in the midface area. This shifting of facial contours can often result in a heavier appearance in the lower face. A common concern for many is the lips, which tend to thin and lose their natural, defined shape over time.  


Our clinic offers a variety of solutions to these age-related changes through dermal fillers, aesPlla® and bio-revitalisation (skin boosters).


Dermal fillers are suitable for replenishing lost volume, and the benefits are immediately visible. The results of this non-invasive treatment can last up to 18 months, providing a lasting, refreshed appearance.


aesPlla® is a bio-stimulatory PLLA filler that gradually volumises and stimulates the skin's natural collagen production. This bio-stimulatory treatment provides gradual yet impactful results from as early as four weeks with benefits lasting up to 3 years.

Skin boosters are revolutionary treatments designed to stimulate your skin's collagen and elastin production. These treatments improve skin tone and texture and restore your skin's natural firmness, giving you a rejuvenated and more youthful look. We are excited to offer Profhilo, Seventy Hyal 2000 and INFINI Premium Aquabooster in our bio-revitalisation portfolio. ​


At High Beech Beauty Clinic, we aim to help you look and feel your best. Our expert team is dedicated to providing treatments tailored to your needs, ensuring the best possible results. Whether you're looking to restore your facial volume or improve the overall health of your skin, we are here to guide you through each step of your aesthetic journey.

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