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A £50 deposit is required to secure your aesthetics booking with the exception of Vitamin B12 which requires a £10 deposit. This will be deducted from the total cost of your treatment on the day.


48 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend your appointment. Your deposit will be transferred to your new appointment date.

Please note that if you fail to turn up to your appointment, payment will be required in full in advance of any future appointments.


Please do not attend your appointment if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or are suffering from ongoing symptoms from a previous infection.


ACE group guidelines state that you should not undergo dermal filler procedures within 2 weeks of your planned vaccination date or within 3 weeks of having received it.


We do not offer any treatments or consultations to anyone under the age of 18.


Please do not bring children with you to your appointment they will not be allowed into the clinic.


This price can be applied to these products up to a maximum of 3 times.

Payment will be taken at the time of the fat-dissolving appointment with a £50 deposit payable in advance.

Additional fat loss areas can be treated at additional cost and a treatment plan will be devised for the client to address all areas of concern.

An area cannot be treated more frequently than once per month.

We reserve the right to withdraw this pricing package at any time.

Large area fat-dissolving examples – abdominals, torso, flanks (love handles), saddlebags, inner thighs, backs of arms.

It should be noted that fat-dissolving of large areas can take 3 to 6 sessions before results are deemed satisfactory.

Saxenda™ is a prescription-only medicine and cannot be prescribed without full medical history to assess patient suitability.

Saxenda™ is a daily self-injectable.

The client is responsible for the safe disposal of their Sharps bin.

All weight and fat loss aids should be used in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes.


All clients must complete a medical questionnaire prior to appointment.
Vitamin injections are administered at High Beech Beauty Clinic for wellbeing purposes only. This is in no way a substitute for a diagnosed clinical need.

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