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IV Vitamin Therapy

£200 to £265

1 Hour 30 Mins

IV Vitamin Therapy

Introducing IV vitamin therapy at High Beech Beauty Clinic. 

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a method of delivering essential nutrients and hydration directly into your bloodstream, ensuring rapid absorption and utilisation by your body. Unlike oral supplements, IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, boasting an impressive absorption rate of 90-100%, surpassing the 20-50% possible orally.

IV therapy has quite a celebrity following. However, it is nothing new; its roots can be traced back centuries. A brief history of IV therapy reveals its evolution from early attempts in the 1600s to the ground breaking work of Dr John Myers in the 1960s, who developed a renowned vitamin and mineral cocktail (the Myers cocktail) that laid the foundation for modern IV therapy.

IV Therapy serves various purposes, including hangover relief, athletic performance recovery, immunity support, cold and flu relief, inflammation reduction, digestion issues, and exhaustion. Initially reserved for hospitalised patients, today, even healthy individuals benefit from IV vitamin therapy to boost wellness and energy levels.

The process of IV vitamin therapy involves a small plastic tube (a catheter) being inserted into a vein using a cannula, the cannula being quickly removed once the catheter is placed in the vein. This is a comfortable and straightforward procedure.

The IV drip contains a saline solution for hydration plus a selection of nutrients according to the client's wellbeing needs. The therapy takes approximately 45 minutes. Effects are typically noticeable within 12 – 24 hours, lasting anywhere from 8 days to 3 weeks, depending on your health and the specific nutrient blend.

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